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come one come all to 1984..

heya..i have a eye oppointment or something..yeah so of course i will have to get contacts..i told my mom that contacts are better then glasses..unless of course i buy the cheap kind from hot topic..theres an awesome pair jonathon davis's old yeah. Alexz called me this morning and was like whens your party..for my birthday..and i was like in a couple days..i felt a little bad because she wasnt invited, but then again she treats me and my friends like poo i shouldnt really care..then hunter called..uhhh and was like whens your party and i was like on friday..and so now he is coming i think..or atleast hes going to try to come with jared..cortneys bf! yay! i have never seen him so puleese wish me luck will be that he doesnt like me and likes sadie or shea or something..haha that would totally be my luck..or it could be perfect and we could be really happy with eachother! i hope thats the plan..aww..i need a tan..dangit and the weather is all stormy and right when float on was playing a big tornado sign came on on the i cant tan today and my party is tomorrow..haha oh well i will just be always..chad just got on..something in me wants to invite him, but something doesnt ..and i think its because of katrina..i know she has to still have feelings for him, and if he lieks me..then ouch that would be mean of screw that! hehe..i love this song!!! BLISTER IN THE SUN!!! it was on my so called life and is always on 93.3!! yay!! i want to get their yeah..i think me and sadie and my mom and her mom are gonna go shopping!! just us, no brothers! finally a break from them! geez! BRENDEN AND ME KIND OF GOT ALONG LAST NIGHT..AND GUESS WHAT HE WAS NICE ENOUGH TO TEACH ME HOW TO PLAY A TAKING BACK SUNDAY SONG!! I CAN PLAY IT!! AAAHHHHHHHH! anyways..he is so good at guitar..i suck so bad..i can play some of a tbs song..some of a smashing pumpkin song..and part of memory and a senses fail song!! geezers..but only like one minute of each of them!! got soo grounded from getting wasted at the trailor..i feel bad caz she called me and she was crying and i was like dude its now she cant come tomorrow..but her sisters adore me so i will be like dude its my birthday at a frikkin kids place..NO BEER OR ANYTHING! i mean lets play laser tag drunk!

so yeah i better go to my eye oppointment..and dangit get contacts or somthing!! there isnt a way to cheat is there????? lets hope i think of something..luf much!!
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