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i wanna get ripped off

hey..i had sadie and cortney over last night and then chad and cameron then we jumped on the trampoline and roasted marshmallows..WOW WHAT A GREAAAAAAAAT PARTY..yeah and we bought 13 going on 30 but NOo we couldnt find i had to entertain..yeah. Anyway sadie is here and we are gonna go b o w l i n g! i havent gone bowling since 1982..scottie doesnt know that fiona and me do it in my van every sunday..haha eurotrip..thats my favorite movie right now.

i will just write in here tonight after yeah..(LATER) okay yeah nevermind about bowling..we stayed out on the trampoline haha and we like just sat there out in the cold and listened to some cows go moo and ya know the horses say naeee...and then SOME CHICK calls and is dissing hardkore on sadie..and so it was on..and they kept calling from a blocked number..yeah they think we dont know who it is..and they better watch their backs caz we yeah they called me a physco b**** thanks a lot least im not a skanky fat gaywad..sorry but we never even talk so she cant say anything about me or sadie..SADIES NOSE IS THE SHIZNUTS SO GO SCREW OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ill write later when i feel like it...
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